Gordon Brown has restated his commitment to Votes at 16 in a BBC interview on the Andrew Marr Show.

Most of the discussion was, not surprisingly, about MPs’ expenses – but in talking about how he wanted to solve these problems, Prime Minister Gordon Brown twice restated his commitment to Votes at 16.

Gordon Brown, former PM

The Prime Minister admitted that “major constitutional reform is necessary” and that, as part of a response to the current scandals about MPs’ expenses but also to improve democracy for good, he proposed “a new constitutional settlement.” Explaining more precisely what that means, Gordon Brown said “I’m looking at the case for Votes at 16… We’re proposing Votes at 16 as an issue that young people should look at themselves.”

We welcome the fact that Votes at 16 is a priority in the Prime Minister’s thoughts, and a clear part of any constitutional settlement. However, young people have looked at the case for Votes at 16 themselves – and overwhelmingly said yes! The great majority of young people have long supported lowering the voting age to 16, and the submissions to the Youth Citizenship Commission and its young people’s consultation showed this very clearly.