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There are loads of ways to

get involved in our campaign

If you only have a few minutes you can still show your support. Or if you have a bit more time you can organise something in your area.

want to do something quick?



email your mp


The support of MPs is crucial – help get them on board.

The UK Parliament has the power to change the law to reduce the voting age, so it’s really important for us to lobby MPs.

Which is why we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to contact your local MP and make sure they know how you feel before they make decisions about Votes at 16.

You can now send a fully personalised email to ask them to support Votes at 16 with a few clicks of your mouse.

make some noise


Easy ways to get the message out to others.

By demonstrating the strength of support for Votes at 16 we can succeed in reducing the voting age. We need your help to spread the word, this involves speaking to your friends, families and those likely to support us, but also getting out to other members of the community and debating the issue with them.

The more people we get talking about the campaign, the bigger the impact will be on influential decision makers. You can easily make some noise by telling your stories, joining us on Facebook and Twitter and by tagging your tweets with #votesat16.