On the 24th January the House of Commons will debate lowering the voting age to 16.

Stephen Williams MP has brought forward a backbench motion and will lead the debate on extending the franchise to 16 and 17 year olds. Following this debate there will be a vote in the House of Commons – which is your chance to make a difference!

MPs are elected to represent your views, so we need you to make your views clear to them. We need every one of you to write to your MP to remind/inform them that the debate will be taking place, and urge them to not only attend but also to demonstrate their, and your, support in the vote.



Write to Your MP

There are a number of ways of finding out who your MP is and what their contact details are. One way is via the Votes at 16 website, where you’ll be able to customise an e-mail explaining that you want them to attend the debate and subsequent vote.  You can also find the details for your MP on the Parliamentary website and then contact them directly.  You may prefer to contact your MP via Twitter or Facebook ,but whichever method you choose it is vital that we make all MPs aware of the huge support that there is amongst the public for lowering the voting age!


Rallying Calls to MPs

On Thursday 17th January the Votes at 16 Coalition will be contacting over 200 MPs who have demonstrated their support for the campaign and urging them to attend the debate. This is an opportunity for some of you to go a step further and join us in our offices to assist with this process. If you are close to our London office and can spare some time, e-mail hugo.brookes@byc.org.uk for further information.


Attend the Debate in Person

We are also able to arrange for some of you to sit in the gallery and watch the debate. This is your chance to not only watch politics in action but also to lobby your MP in person. If you would like further details please e-mail hugo.brookes@byc.org.uk