On 8th June, the Votes at 16 Coalition took young campaigners to watch the second reading of Julie Morgan MP’s Voting Age (Reduction) Bill in the House of Commons.trailer film iBoy

Private Members’ Bills are Public Bills introduced by MPs and Lords who aren’t government ministers. As with other Public Bills their purpose is to change the law as it applies to the general population.

Over 25 MPs spent over 4 hours the MPs discussing whether to lower the voting age to 16 and ran out of time to vote on whether the Bill could become legislation this afternoon. Discussion was resumed on Friday 13th June but MPs ran out of time to vote on it.watch full Beauty and the Beast 2017 movie online

Speaking in Parliament today Julie Morgan MP told how she had “brought this Private Members Bill to the House to focus the debate [on Votes at 16]” and that it was “a key time to take this decision – to go with the politics of hope“.

Votes at 16 campaigner, Scott (18) said: “It was great to visit Parliament today and watch MPs debate passionately about a campaign I really care about. I’m looking forward next to checking out the work of the Youth Citizenship Commission on this issue. Votes at 16 is still the way forward!