Ross, 17, a Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament has created an e-petition to get the UK Government to consider lowering the voting age.

If it gets at least 100,000 signatures, it will get debated in the House of Commons.

Add your name today online to be part of the movement saying we’re ready for votes at 16!

Add your name to the petition here.

Ross, who created the petition told us:

Ross, Scottish Youth Parliament“The Government’s E-petitions website is a fantastic way to engage people about a whole range of issue and for us especially, it is a great way to promote the Votes At 16 campaign. Too often we come up against the excuse that there is no demand for lowering the voting age, that young people aren’t engaged with politics or that we would not make the effort to go out and vote. This petition can show clearly how all of those arguments fall flat on their face“.

We can easily achieve the 100,000 signatures needed for the possibility of a debate in Parliament. After all, there are currently over 1.5 million of us denied our right to vote and millions more who support our cause across the country“.


The e-petition by Ross reads:

Group of young people with sign up sheet“We want our political system to recognise the abilities of 16 & 17 year olds. To properly include us in our society and show us the trust and respect that society expects of us by giving us the right to vote. A 16 year old can:

◦give full consent to medical treatment

◦leave school and enter work or training

◦pay income tax and National Insurance

◦obtain tax credits and welfare benefits in their own right

◦consent to sexual relationships ◦get married or enter a civil partnership

◦join the armed forces

◦become a member of a trade union or a co-operative society but he/she currently cannot have any say in the government that ultimately controls these things.

This is wrong. Votes at 16 would engage young people with politics in an era where disillusion with the political establishment is at a peak. It would encourage involvement and enthusiasm from young people and most importantly, it would give us a say in how our country is ran“.