Research by the British Youth Council (BYC) has outlined what young people think about speaking up, being heard and participating in the new Big Society, as proposed by the Coalition Government. It is based on BYC’s survey, ‘The Big Listen’ which involved 1007 young people aged 7 to 25 across the UK.

The research found:

• 82% believe it’s important to have an influence in decisions made in our local area, and three quarters of young people (75%) would like to have a greater influence on how their community is run, and what happens to local services.

• Just over half of young people feel that we can influence decisions being made at a neighbourhood and local level (54%). Whereas only three in ten of young people think we can influence decisions affecting the UK as a whole (30%).

• 61% feel their views are taken less seriously because of their age, yet 65% believe that when ‘people like me’ have a say we can make a streaming film Alien: Covenant 2017 online

The Chair of the British Youth Council, Liam Preston (aged 25), said: “Young people don’t just have an opinion, they will get involved as well. Four in ten of those taking part in this survey are also involved in community participation projects, youth councils and parliaments. Over half would volunteer to keep open services threatened with closure. Despite persistent negative perceptions of young people by local communities, and that we feel our views are taken less seriously because of our age over 8 in 10 of us believe its important we have a say in local decision making and get involved”.

The full report can be read here.