Lisa Nandy, Shadow Minister for Children (pictured) has called for the voting age to be lowered to 16, and for the policy to be included as part of the Labour party’s manifesto.

Speaking to The Guardian ahead of the publication of a report on youth by think tank Compass, Ms Nandy said that party leader Ed Miliband was keen on the proposal.

The Labour MP for Wigan also said that lowering the voting age to 16 was a way of “this generation showing respect to the next generation.”

At 32, Lisa Nandy is one of the youngest serving MPs and believes that lowering the voting age would encourage voting habits earlier on in life.

She continued, “I’ve long thought that young people should get votes at 16…it does help to get young people involved in the political system and that tends to persist. It seems quite odd in this day and age that…we can’t trust them to have a share of power.”

A poll conducted by the Guardian coinciding with the article saw that 53% of respondents were in favour of lowering the voting age to 16, with 47% voting against.