The Co-operative joins the Votes at 16 CoalitionGreat news, the Co-operative have decided to join the Votes at 16 coalition. You will almost certainly have had some contact with the Co-operative. You might have bought shopping from one of their supermarkets or you might even bank with them. They are the UK’s largest democratic organisation and they have over 5 million members across the UK. And today they’ve announced their support for Votes at 16!

Peter Marks, Group Chief Executive of The Co-operative Group said: “In the past two years over 550,000 young people have voted in UK Youth Parliament elections and a quick glance at any social media website demonstrates that our young people are not short of opinions. The Co-operative’s work on community partnerships such as the British Youth Film Academy and StreetGames has shown us that when our young people are provided with supported opportunities they can be truly inspiring.”

This is a real boost for the campaign, and signals the start of a renewed effort to make sure that Votes at 16 is one of the big issues for politicians this year.