Take a key role in a UK wide week of Votes at 16 action.

We are organising a week of campaigning action between Monday 5 March to Friday 9 March 2012. Please note – the dates for this week of action have changed from February half term! This is so we can reach more people and also because loads of people have said they want to get involved – which is brilliant news.

This week of action is to rally young people, politicians and general supporters across the UK to back the votes at 16 e-petition.  We need thousands of signatures to get votes at 16 discussed in the House of Commons.


We are looking to recruit young campaigners to become petition champions in their communities. If you get riled up about not being able to vote, or think we should allow 16 and 17 year olds to vote on the decisions that affect them, then this is a unique volunteering opportunity that you can do in your local area to gain experience of face-to-face campaigning. Sign up today by emailing your details to votesat16@byc.org.uk. You’ll become part of an action network supported by the Votes at 16 Coalition to make the maximum impact and learn new skills. Those who collect the most signatures will be recognised by the Votes at 16 Coalition at a unique event in the UK Parliament.

If you have any questions about this opportunity please email votesat16@byc.org.uk or call 020 7250 8377.