Votes at 16 is one of the top issues for the Government’s Justice department.The consultation on lowering the voting age was one of the most popular of all the consultations run by the Ministry of Justice in the last year – despite having no extra investment to encourage people to respond.

In the response to a Parliamentary Question published today, it was revealed that 500 responses were received by the Youth Citizenship Commission’s consultation – making it the third most popular. It received more than twice as many responses as the fourth-placed consultation. Whilst some of these submissions will have come from organisations, the majority will have come from young people themselves making their voices heard. The two most popular consultations – and some of the less popular ones – had extra money spent on them to reach out to more people. The voting age consultation had only the standard consultation investment, with no extra money to seek out people’s views, making the number of responses even more impressive.

The Votes at 16 Coalition would like to thank everyone who made the effort to get their views across.