Young people across Scotland have been busy writing to their Members of the Scottish Parliament following our news that Kevin Stewart MSP had put forward a motion on votes at 16.

So far over thirty Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) have added their names to motion 313 ‘Support the Votes at 16 Coalition’. You can view the list of politicians who support votes at 16 so far here.

You can still lobby your MSP to add their name here. We’re a third of the way through to our target of 100 MSPs adding their name to the motion and now we have the summer to make sure our letters and emails really make an impact on MSPs.

You can download our guide to lobbying the Scottish Parliament here.

David Linden, Chair of Young Scots for Independence – SNP Youth, who are a member of the Votes at 16 coalition said: “We are absolutely committed to putting young people at the centre of society and democracy. That is why it is important that we – not only as a party, but as a nation – back the campaign for votes at 16″.streaming Kong: Skull Island 2017

It seems a little absurd that the Government can choose the rate of tax and sixteen year-old can pay, but the sixteen year-old can’t choose what party it wants to be in Government. That needs to change“.

It was David’s speech at the SNP Conference in 2007 that persuaded the party to back votes at 16: