Young reporters hit party conferenceThe Party Conference season is an important time for us to promote Votes at 16 to decision makers. The Co-operative, a member of the Votes at 16 coalition, have been working together with young people at each of the party conferences, sponsoring the first ever Youth Zone to promote discussion about youth issues and hosting a series of events on youth engagement.

Alongside Mediatrust, they have sent a team of young media ambassadors equipped with cameras and microphones out to conference to talk directly to politicians and to make a short film about their experiences.

The first of these films, from the Liberal Democrats Party Conference in Liverpool, shows highlights of young reporters journey, where Emilyn, Kealy, Paul and Nicola rubbed shoulders with the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Floella Benjamin OBC, representatives from The Co-operative and a whole raft of charity leaders.

Meanwhile, over at Labour Party Conference this week, young reporters James and Ashley have also been getting a lot out of their experience.

Ashley said, “during the day we visited the Sky News bubble, this provided a fascinating insight into the mechanics of live media and corporate broadcasting”. Moreover, this provided us with some of the tools needed when interviewing, as we interviewed Andy Burnham MP and Joe Rospars, Founding Partner of Blue State Digital who worked on President Obama’s online campaign.

In Birmingham, Tyrone and Katie arrived at the Conservative Party Conference and did a fantastic job in speaking to delegates and politicians.